Saturday, August 8, 2015

Breathing in God's Grace and breathing out God's Praise.

Dearest God,
We love you. We thank you for the beautiful nature you created for us. We thank you for the lessons you unfold to us when we observe nature. Thank you for being with us at all times. Dearest God, please bless my precious children, Albert and Alfred, with your wisdom. Please be with them at all times guiding them in Your paths, the path of truth and righteousness. Please protect them from evil influences. We thank you for making us in your likeness and breathing in us the breath of life. Please bless all the people in this world with peace and happiness.

Dearest Albert and Alfred,
May God bless you abundantly with His Wisdom and Grace. May God reunite us as soon as possible.

Your mommy loves you very very much and is praying for you.

Hope you are both doing well, my precious children. Please take care of yourself and your twin brother. You need to be there for each other and build a strong bond with each other. I never ever expected that you both would be deceptively separated from me while on a vacation. If I even had the slightest clue, we would have never been separated. You have a step mother and step sibling, so you need to watch out. I do not want you to be deceived too and taken by surprise later in life like me. Do not waste your time and energy feeling sad about what happened to us. I completely trust God to right the wrong that has been done to us. I completely trust that God will reunite us. God will send the best of His children to help reunite us. I will do my best to be reunited with you both and I will never ever give up. So, all you have to do is look after yourself and your twin brother well. Eat only healthy fresh clean food. Play games. Choose good friends with good moral character. Study well and work really hard on your studies. It is very important for you to study well as that is your role in life now as students. Doing good in school and getting high grades will give you a bright future. Above all, have good character and make right choices as per the principles of God. We need the blessings and favor of God in each and everything we do. Pray to God to be with you always and to guide you with His wisdom.

Do you remember we used to read your children's Bible together.
Do you remember the very first story was about how God created the universe. On day 6, God created man in His own likeness and breathed the life-giving breath into him and man began to live.

Genesis 2:7 Then the Lord God took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it; he breathed life-giving breath into his nostrils and the man began to live.

When you walk or when you have time to focus on your breath, as you breath in slowly, think in your mind that you are breathing in God's grace and when you breathe out, think in your mind that you are breathing out God's praise. We breathe in from beautiful nature and our out breathe is sent back to nature that God created for us.

Observe the beautiful flowers that God created. They have beautiful colors, good fragrance and their presence makes people happy. We should live our lives honoring God, living a life as per God's principles doing good for mankind, nature and ourselves. Never ever do anything wrong or against the principles of God, even if you are encouraged to do wrong by evil people. Evil people make you do wrong for their sole benefit, not once thinking about the consequence of their actions on you. Remember in the end, you are responsible for your actions before God. Remember, you reap what you sow. Doing the wrong thing, may be the shorter and easier path. Doing the right thing and making the right choice, maybe a very hard and painful path. God who is always watching us and who has given us the freedom of choice, will be so happy when He sees that we choose the right path, even though it is so painful, because He knows we love Him and honor Him and will live our life according to His principles. He will see that we are His children made of pure gold even when we have to pass through the test of the burning furnace. God will also see that He gives His children peace and joy, even during the darkest storms of life, as during this time God is with us all the time. Be faithful to God and He will be faithful to you.

I have hope and trust that God, who is the truth and saw the truth, will surely reunite us.

God bless you and be with you always.
Your mommy's blessings are with you.
God and beautiful nature will carry my motherly love and blessings, warm hugs and sweet kisses to both of you.

With lots of love, prayers and blessings,
Your loving mommy,
Bindu Philips