Friday, March 25, 2016

The sacrificial love of God.

Dearest God,
Thank you for all you have done for us. Thank you for your love for us. Please be with my children at all times. Please be their guide at all times and please prevent them from evil. We love you God.

Dearest Alfred and Albert,
May God bless you abundantly.
May God be in you and with you always.
Your mommy's blessings are always with you.
God and your mommy loves you very much.

Today is Good Friday. Today, is the day that represents true love, the sacrificial love of God.
Jesus Christ, our Lord, suffered and died on the cross, just because He wanted to obey the will of God. His love for God was much much more compared to the pain, cruelty and injustice he suffered at the hands of evil people, even though he did not do anything wrong himself. Jesus suffered quietly, with peace and calm because He knew and He also knew God knew He was innocent and had done no wrong. In the end, that is really all that matters, being right in the eyes of God. God will surely take care of us, His loving children.

After your exams are completed, when you have free time, please watch the movie "Passion of Christ". Watch it with your heart. See the love that our Lord, Jesus Christ, had for his heavenly Father and for all of us. Honestly, I watched half the movie with my eyes closed. The video and audio is too painful to watch, when you watch it with your heart.

People who were jealous of Jesus and whose minds were filled with evil and cruelty planned and plotted evil against Jesus. They even used one of Jesus own disciples, Judas Iscariot, to help them with their deception. Judas deceived and betrayed his master, with an action of love, by kissing Him. However, Judas later realized that his short term greed for money (Thirty silver coins) which he accepted from the high priests to hand over Jesus to them had lead to the immense suffering and death of Jesus on the cross. Judas was filled with remorse and returned the money to the chief priests before taking away his own life.

On that day that Jesus Christ suffered, there was his mother, Mary, some of his disciples and the crowd that loved him, suffering the pain and in tears watching Jesus, their Lord, suffer. There were also a crowd of people who were filled with evil, who falsely accused Jesus when He did no wrong and wanted Him to die on the cross. Even though Pontius Pilate, the Roman Prefect, tried his best to save Jesus and tried to prove Jesus was innocent and was reluctant to execute him, he had to give in as he was frightened of the unruly mob. Pontius Pilate washed his hands to show that he is not responsible for the execution of Jesus and reluctantly sent him to his death.

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Cruelty started from the time of the first offspring, Cain, son of Adam and Eve, and exists even in our present times. Cruelty by SJ is what separated you both, my precious children, from me, your loving mother. Our neighbor's mother in Plainsboro, New Jersey, who knows our family, had told her family and me that cruelty is a word that is too mild to describe what SJ had done to you both and me. She said there needs to be a new word discovered for what SJ did to us. I realize that my innocent character and trust, that life partners can be trusted, made me a prey to evil. (By our principles, is that not what we are supposed to do, to trust our life partner.) I also realize I did not recognize the seriousness of evil, the deception that evil can do. I cannot realize that we were taken on what was supposed to be a family vacation and I was then robbed of my children and everything I had. You both, my precious children, with whom I have not even been separated for a single day, suddenly deceptively separated from me, is something I would have never even imagined even in my wildest dream or thought. I was completely taken by surprise by your deceptive abduction. However, I trust God and I have faith that God will reunite you both to me. I will work hard and do my best to be reunited with you.

The cross reminds us of the atrocity of evil men. However, the cross mainly reminds us of the love of God, which is much much more. The resurrection of Jesus reminds us of the new life and hope and trust in God.

There is good and bad in this world, but we have the choice to choose good and the principles of God, as we love God the most.

God will deliver us justice and reunite you both, my precious children and me.

May God be in you and with you.
We love you, our dearest Heavenly Father and our wonderful awesome God.
May God bless you. Your mommy's blessings are with you always.
Your mommy loves you and sends her pure love, warm hugs and sweet kisses to you.

With lots of love, prayers and blessings,
Your loving mommy,
Bindu Philips