Sunday, May 8, 2016

God's presence in you. May God always dwell in you.

Dearest God,
Thank you for being with us all the time. Thank you for your love and guidance. Please bless my children, teach them your principles and make them your children. My dearest Heavenly Father, please make my children love you first, just as they did when they were little. Please bless them with your godly character and shower your blessings and favor on them. Dearest God, you saw all that happened, please reveal the truth to my children and please reunite my precious children and me. Please send me in my children's dreams and please carry my love to them. Help my children realize their mother's true love for them. Please protect my children from all evil. Please bless all your children.

Dearest Albert and Alfred,
May God, our Heavenly Father and the ruler of this universe, bless you abundantly.
God and your mommy's love are always with you.

Hope you are true, faithful, caring and loving to your twin brother. Look out for each other and help each other. Be each other's best friend and moral guide of good values.

I miss you both so much. I live in the memories of your happy faces, your handsome smiles, your loving warm hugs, your sweet kisses. I think of your loving actions and words you spoke, which you did with your pure heart, your true love, your pure innocence.
Thank you so much for telling me you loved me second and loved God first, when you were little. I am so happy and proud of your words.
Thank you for telling me "You look so beautiful, Amma." My precious children's compliments, which you said from your heart, with no ones coaching, are the world's best compliments to me.
Thank you for giving me little gifts, you made for me, with your most precious little hands. You would present it to me after asking me to close my eyes and saying "I have a surprise for you mommy". This beautiful flower pen is one of the surprises you made and presented to me on mother's day. This beautiful pen is one of the things that was left behind in our home sweet home, when I returned as SJ had shipped everything in our house to India, with the help of his 3 friends, without my knowledge.

Strong Children versus Children of Strength
Strong children work out everyday to keep their body in shape,
but Children of Strength kneels in prayer to keep their soul in shape.
Strong children are not afraid of anything,
but Children of Strength shows courage in the midst of their fear.
Strong children wont let anyone get the best of them,
but Children of Strength gives the best of themselves to everyone.
Strong children walk sure footedly,
but Children of Strength knows God will catch them when they fall.
Strong children wear a look of confidence on their face,
but Children of Strength wears grace.
Strong children have faith that they are strong enough for the journey,
but Children of Strength has faith that it is in the journey they will become strong.
The strong falters, but strength increases.

This strength comes only from God, the God who dwells in us and who will guide us.

Keep yourself pure and holy in your thoughts, words and actions. Keep your body healthy by eating healthy food and taking part in sports. These are completely in your hands. God dwells in places that are pure and holy. Once a person starts doing wrong, he will lose his good conscious of what is right and what is wrong. God and the Holy Spirit will leave that person and that person does not even realize that he lost his most precious God and guide.

Pure gold is tested by fire. God chooses to dwell in a pure and holy person.

1 Peter 1:6-7
Be glad about this, even though it may now be necessary for you to be sad for a while because of the many kinds of trials you suffer. Their purpose is to prove that your faith is genuine. Even gold, which can be destroyed, is tested by fire; and so your faith, which is much more precious than gold, must also be tested, so that it may endure.

Remember, every person is going to have tragedy and sufferings in their life. A good person gets better and a bad person gets bitter in the face of suffering. A good person honors and respects the principles of God and loves God so much that he gets the strength to face all the suffering and trials. A bad person just thinks about himself and his character gets even worse when he faces trials and sufferings, as he does not even think of God or the principles of God.

Life is a journey. The paths may not be smooth all the time. The paths may be foggy. Sometimes, there may be no paths at all, like in our case right now and we will need to make a path, with the help of the US and Indian government authorities. We completely trust in our God in this journey. We keep  our eyes focused on God and we cheerfully do the best we can. God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. God will reunite us and bless us to live together happily ever after, revealing to the whole world His glory and honor.

Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path.

I hope you remember the song we sang together at our Plainsboro home sweet home. This was the theme song from your Wonder on Wednesday's (WOW) class, when I was one of your teachers.
Click here to listen to the song - Thy word is a lamp and light unto my path

Learn, understand the meaning and sing this beautiful prayer song requesting God's guidance in your life. Reading the Holy Bible, Holy Books, learning hymns and listening to good messages from holy and pure children of God, like Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen, will help you obey and follow the principles of God.

 Click here to hear a beautiful song requesting God's guidance - Abhishekagni

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.

Adversity gives birth to greatness. The greater challenges and difficulties we face, the greater opportunity we have to grow.
People in history and people in our current times has proved the above statements are correct.
Study well. It will help you have a great future along with the blessings from God.

Click here for video on trusting our God

Today, on Mother's Day, I received a beautiful white flower from church. I felt it was God and you both, my precious children, giving it to me. I placed this beautiful white flower in front of our Heavenly Mother Mary's statue at home.

Click here to see God's promise to us, His sweet and favorite children.

May God always dwell in you.
May you, my precious children, be the temple of God.
May you be a blessing to the people of the Universe.

Your mommy loves you and sends her pure love, warm hugs and sweet kisses to you.
With lots of love, prayers and blessings,
Your loving mommy,
Bindu Philips