Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thank you our dearest Heavenly Father for being so sweet and so caring.

Dearest God,
Thank you for being our sweet loving and caring Heavenly Father. We thank you for all you have done for us, things both great and small. Thank you for guiding us, guarding us and protecting us. Thank you for always reminding us to keep you, our loving Heavenly Father in first place and to always obey your principles. We love you so much God and we always know you have planned the best for us. Thank you so much for my loving parents, your first gifts to me. Thank you for my precious loving twin children, Albert and Alfred. Please bless them abundantly and always be with them. Let them always keep you in first place just like they did when they were little boys. Thank you for all of beautiful nature you created for us.

Dearest Alfred and Albert,

May God shower his blessings on both of you and be with you at all times.
May God bless you with his wisdom and may you be radiant with the presence of God in you.
Your mommy's blessings are always with you.
God and you loving mommy loves you very much.

Today is Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving to my precious children.
Your loving mommy knows you pray for your mommy in your heart and mind and love me very much. I would have never survived the fiercest storm that we had been put through, if it had not been for your love and prayers. Thank you very very much for your pure love and prayers for me, your loving mommy.
Thank you for being the best children, children of God, our sweetest loving Heavenly Father.

Today, I went to church to attend Thanksgiving mass. Remember how the three of us would share the Holy Mass and hymn book and read it and sing together, with both of you standing on either side of me. I miss you so much. Do you remember your loving mommy would draw the sign of the cross on both your foreheads and you would on mine after the Holy Mass. I miss both of you so much. I love you both very much. I am sure God will reunite us.

Neither both of you nor me ever expected we would be separated by a person who was supposed to take care of us. No matter the deception, no matter the pain and suffering, no matter the mess we have been unexpectedly put through, we will do our best to make ourselves the most handsome and beautiful children of God by loving and honoring God and obeying His principles. When God reunites us, I will tell you the numerous ways God has guided me, protected me and sent His best children to help reunite you both and me.

I am so thankful and grateful to Honorable Congressman Chris Smith and his staff, the Plainsboro Police and officials in US and India who are helping me in my endeavors to be reunited with both of you.

I am so thankful for all the good people whose blessings and prayers are with us.

We need to be thankful to God, our dearest Heavenly Father, every single day of our life. I know you are, my sweet precious handsome heroes.

May God always shine brightly through you by your thoughts, words and actions.

May God be in you and with you always.

Your mommy loves you and sends her pure love, warm hugs and sweet kisses to you.

With lots of love, prayers and blessings,
Your loving mommy,
Bindu Philips