Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The joy of the Lord is my strength. We love you our dearest God, our sweetest Heavenly Father.

Dearest God,

We love you, our sweetest Heavenly Father. Thank you for your love, guidance and protection over us. Dearest God, please be with my precious children all the time and protect them from all evil. Bestow them with Your wisdom and discernment to always choose Your Principles in all that they think, say or do. Please help them realize the truth. Please show them how they have been brainwashed when they were little and helpless children. Please reunite my precious children and me dear Lord. Please bless all your children and help them to love and know you.

Dearest Albert and Alfred,

May God bless both of you abundantly.
May God bless you with His wisdom and discernment.
May God reveal the truth to you.

Your mommy's blessing are always with you.
God and your mommy loves you very very much.

Your mommy loves you so much and we love our God, our Almighty and loving Heavenly Father and Supreme Judge.

Hope you are taking good care of yourself and your twin brother.

Click here for a beautiful song - God loves us.

Let us always love, honor and respect our God, always keep Him in first place. Our true love, respect and honor for God will automatically make us follow His principles. God loves us so much too. God is always with us, loving us, guiding us and guarding us. When we obey the principles of God, we are blessed with wisdom, integrity, self control, kindness, faithfulness.

Nehemiah 8:10, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

It has been over 8 years since we were deceptively separated. It has been over 7 years that the U.S. courts granted me sole legal and residential custody of both of you and ordered that both of you be returned to United States of America immediately.

You were little and helpless boys 8 years ago. Due to the unexpected premeditation and deception, I was left in a helpless state too, not only robbed of you both my children, but of finances and everything that belonged to our family, including my basic necessities. I had to seek justice to be reunited with you and at the same time be able to recover from the disaster SJ put me through and be able to stand on my own feet.

I know God saw all that happened and that alone gives me the confidence that God will help us. I am not afraid as the only person, God, who needs to know the truth watched everything that happened. I know God will have only good plans for both of you and me. I know He will reveal the truth to you. Even as I suffer the pain of both of you, my precious children, being separated from me, I know it is God who brought into my life every good person who helped and was kind to me.

Our neighbor considered me as their own sister and to this day love me as their own family. Their mother's have always told me that I am their own daughter.

My uncle and aunt in New Jersey always introduced me to people as their own daughter.

The Plainsboro Police officers and FBI have investigated our case with so much dedication. I am humbled by their hard work and kindness.

Honorable Congressman Mr. Chris Smith and his staff have worked extremely hard to help both of you be reunited with me. Honorable Congressman Mr. Chris Smith could only bring one guest to meet Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, at the U.S. Capitol Hill reception soon after Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the U.S. Congress and U.S Senate at U.S. Capitol on June 8 2016. I feel so humbled and honored that Honorable Congressman Mr. Chris Smith choose me. It shows how much he understands the pain of a mother separated her children and how much he works for the cause of International Parental Child Abduction. Honorable Congressman Mr. Chris Smith personally spoke to Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi about our case. I was also able to personally hand over my letter to Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, and request him to reunite both of you with me. Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi smiled and said ok.

A few years back, I was humbled, when the Honorable 11th President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, was the first Indian politician to help me with my case to be reunited with you. He forwarded my request letter to the Honorable Ex Chief Minister of Kerala, Mr. Oommen Chandy, the state you currently live in. Honorable Ex Chief Minister of Kerala, Mr. Oommen Chandy, has taken action on it.

I am thankful to God for all the officials in U.S and India who have been and are trying their best to reunite us.

I love God. God has, is and will always be first place in my life. I have always loved my parents. My parents are the Gods I see. My parents have sacrificed so much for both of you and me.

I love you Albert and Alfred. I am your own mother. There is nothing in this world or any person who can stop me from loving you. God gave both of you to me and I am responsible for both of you before, our dearest God, no matter if you have been deceptively separated from me and brainwashed against me. I will always be your own mother.

I really can't believe I am really going through this. I seem to be living a nightmare just because I blindly trusted the person who was supposed to be the head of our family and went on the family vacation to India. I did not even know the amount of premeditation that had gone into the deceptive abduction. The New Jersey Plainsboro Police investigation reports prove the amount of premeditation gone into your deceptive abduction to India. The children who loved me so much, when we were living together deceptively separated from me 8 years ago, when they were little.

I rise above the pain that has been caused on us by the actions of the person who deceived us. We cannot control the actions of the person who deceived us, it is his responsibility. I have completely left it in God's hands to deal with the person who deceived us and the people of low moral values that he influenced with corruption. I try my best to use my time wisely, living in the present moment, doing all I can to recover from the disaster I was unexpectedly put through, trying to do my best in everything I do, trying to do my best to be reunited with you, with my eyes, my mind, my heart and my spirit focused only on our God, the God whom I love the most in this world, our Almighty Father and Supreme Judge who will surely reward our patience, who will reveal the truth to you and reunite both of you to me.

God has been really good to me in all these years. Looking back, I just do not know how that innocent convent educated Bindu survived the last 8 years. It is the love of God for me that keeps me going. I have noticed how God uses even nature to cheer me up. He sends birds, doves, eagles, squirrels to cheer me up and brighten my day. I try my best not to cry, especially in public because I feel embarrassed. If I finally cry alone, helplessly in my room, when I see how hard we worked on being reunited with you and how easily SJ gets away with his corruption and influencing the few people with low moral values in India, then, I see how God cheers me up by making some good thing happen. I know God is watching me, caring for me and guiding me. I know God has the best plan for us and in the time that He selected He will reunite us.

There is also that picture I saw of me getting blessed by God through Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen and 4 priests in a brand new church in New Jersey, which always reassures me that God's blessings are always with me, no matter all the hardships caused by SJ that I have to face. I will show that picture to you, when we reunite. I will only consider SJ's tortures, as an opportunity to score an A plus for God by obeying his principles. Actually, SJ's tortures to me, makes God never leave my side and love me more.

Please click on link to hear Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen's message on Work hard to acquire Wisdom.

Wisdom is a gift from God, to his favorite and precious children, who love, respect and honor Him and obey His principles.

Now that you are older. I want you to think really hard. Think of the beautiful and loving times we spent together at our New Jersey Plainsboro home sweet home. Think how you were coached from the time you reached Kerala, India, against your own mother. when you were very little. You were brainwashed only for the benefit of the people who deceptively separated us, not for your own good. Learn good moral principles yourself. Never sacrifice your moral principles for material gain. Be careful about the people you associate with. Being in the company of wise people with good moral character, will give you a bright future. Being in the company of wicked people, will ruin your life. Only if you love, respect and honor God at first place, obey the principles of God and you are morally strong yourself, can you make the correct choices, with God's guidance, that will give you a peaceful and joyful life.

When God is with us and for us, nobody can be against us. Evil people can get away temporarily, by corrupting people with low moral values for sometime, to get things to work out for their benefit. Both evil people and the people they corrupt can never win, when they come before God, because God already watched what happened and God only supports the truth as God is the Supreme Judge.

Satyamev Jayate (Only Truth Prevails). In God we Trust.

Hence, when God is with us and for us, nobody can stand up against us, especially in front of God. God will reveal the truth to you. Brainwashing little and helpless children will work only till the day they realize the real truth. I know God will deliver justice and reunite both of you, my precious children, and me.

The joy of the Lord is my strength. Is it yours too? Do you have a joyful spirit? Is your thought, word and deed as per the principles of God? If yes, no matter how badly evil people attack you and try to bring you down, God will raise you up, the joy of the Lord will be your strength.  :)

Your own loving mommy loves you very much and I will always love you.

May God be in you and with you.

Your mommy loves you and sends her pure love, warm hugs and sweet kisses to you.

With lots of love, prayers and blessings,
Your loving mommy,
Bindu Philips