Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trust and have faith in God because with God nothing is impossible.

Dearest God,
We love you, praise you and adore you. Thank you for your blessings and favor. Thank you for making it possible for my children and me to meet each other, after eight and half years, even though all means of communication was prevented between us. Thank you for your protection over my children and me. Please bless my children with godly character, please bestow in them, wisdom to always choose the path of righteousness, truth and justice. Please give them your peace and joy. Please bless them to study well and give them good health. Please help them to know it is the relationship with you that is most important, which will always guide them in paths of righteousness and protect them. Please be with my children all the time and please reunite us. Thank you for your love for us, your guidance and your protection over us. Amen.

Dearest Alfred and Albert,

May God bless you abundantly every single moment.

God and your own amma loves you very much.

Hope you both are taking good care of your health. I am happy that you take care of each other. God created a special bond between both of you. God even had you share the same womb. I really loved to feel your little kicks. The day you were born, I was so happy to see both of you, the cutest babies, that I held you in turns in my arms all day and night that day. I was too happy to even sleep. I loved every single moment we spent together and you did too. God will surely strengthen our bond and reunite us.

I am very happy to see you and spend time with you. You will realize the truth when you grow older.

After we met, I called every weekend during the court ordered timing. Most times phone is not answered, sometime someone answers and when my voice is heard, the phone is disconnected without giving the phone to you. Sometime the phone is just placed off hook and no one talks. This is what has been happening, the last eight years. However, I will call you every week. You will realize the truth in its entirety, when you get older and mature. Truth can never be hidden, it will always prevail.

It is really important to study well and have a bright future. It is even more important to have a character of integrity and a good conscience. Keep yourself pure and humble in your thoughts, words and actions. Never ever think anyone can get away with doing anything wrong. Anyone who thinks they can get away with doing wrong, can fool the world temporarily, but remember God and the person who did wrong watched and know the truth. God will grant us wisdom to discern between right and wrong, God will guide us in the right path. It is easy to acquire the principles of God and wisdom by reading Holy books, Holy Bible, good books, listen to messages by people who live pure and holy life like Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil Achan. Make friends with children with good moral values. Make all your choices as per the principles of God, in all that you do, think or say. Always seek guidance and blessings of God in all that you do. God will help you and he will send the best of his children to guide you and help you. You will have a good conscience that will help you to choose right over wrong. You would rather suffer and be right in the eyes of God, than do wrong and enjoy temporarily. Obeying the principles of God and having a good conscience will give you peace, because you have the hope and faith that God will always be with you guiding you, protecting you and will bestow justice. It is really important to be peaceful and have pure joy, as then you can achieve all things as God's blessings and favor are always with you.


May God bless you, Alfred. May God bless you, Albert.
I will always be praying for you.
I will always love you.

May God be in you and with you always.
Your mommy loves you and sends her pure love, warm hugs and sweet kisses to you.

With lots of love and prayers,
Your loving mommy,
Bindu Philips