Monday, January 11, 2016

Blessings from God.

Dearest God,
Thank you for being with us all the time. Thank you for your love and protection over us. Thank you for your blessings. Please bless my precious children. Please guide them and guard them. Teach them your ways, my dearest Heavenly Father, instill it in them your principles, so that they will never depart from your ways. Please reunite my precious twin boys and me. Thank you for my loving parents. Thank you for all my friends and relatives. Please bless all your children with your peace and joy.

Dearest Alfred and Albert,
May God bless you both abundantly and guide you every single moment of your life.
God and your loving mommy loves you very much.
Your mommy's blessings are always with you.

I am happy and very thankful and grateful to Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen, a world famous preacher of the Word of God and Founder-Director of Sehion Ministries, for sending me the holy message to share with you, my family and my friends.

Click here to listen to message sent by Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen

The Most Reverend Bishop Mar Raphel Thattil called him the eight wonder. I agree he is a true blessing from God, a holy, pious and selfless priest.

Click here for The Most Reverend Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil praise and prayer for Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen

Click here for The Most Reverend Bishop Mar Varghese Chakkalakal prayer and praise for Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen

If you get your life principles right when you are children, you will be blessed with a great future. When you listen to and obey God's principles and have the self control not to disobey God's principles, God will guide you, lead you and protect you always. You need to listen to Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen's holy messages, which you can find on youtube or watch on Shalom, Shalom world, Jeevan TV, Divine TV, Goodness TV and ACV channels on TV. Reading the Holy Bible, Holy Books and listening to holy messages will make you aware of the principles of God and all you need to do is learn it and obey it and God will bless you both in your good times and painful times. God will be with you all the time, making you grow stronger in your painful times.

James 1:12
Happy are those who remain faithful under trials, because when they succeed in passing such a test, they will receive as their reward the life which God has promised to those who love him.

2 Corinthians 4:17
And this small and temporary trouble we suffer will bring us a tremendous and eternal glory, much greater than the trouble.

God is with us all the time. Even though we do not see Him, He is with us guiding us and guarding us as He loves us. When I meet you face to face, after God reunites us, I will tell you lots of incidents how God guided and guarded your loving mommy. There are times when I secretly wanted God to appear before me, where I can directly request Him "My dearest Heavenly Father, please reunite me with my precious children. I really miss my sweet little children with whom I loved to play, whom I loved to read books to and teach and do projects, with whom I chaperoned field trips and took to activities, whom I feed food, gave baths, whom I loved so much and who prayed with me to you, dearest God. Dearest God, please turn the clock back, my children and me want to enjoy every single moment of the last seven years together, which my precious children and I lost due to deception. Dearest God, I trust your plans and I know you only have best in mind for us. I know you will restore the bond you created between me and my precious children and see that we live together happily ever after with true peace and joy giving you all glory and praise."

One day, my nun friend told me she was attending the Abhishekagni conference by Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen. I then heard his youtube messages and I liked his holy messages. I googled and saw that he was having a conference in New Jersey the next week. When I called the committee members conducting the conference, I was told it was sold out. Finally, one of the committee members gave me a ticket, as I really wanted to attend the conference. I was drawn to this conference and I just felt Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen was a very pure and holy priest and I felt we needed blessings from God through a pure and holy priest. The nun and a family friend I met at the Abhishekagni conference told me it was destiny that I should attend the conference and meet Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen. The picture makes me believe it was indeed destiny that I attended the Abhiskhekagni conference and received the blessings of Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen. In the picture, it looks like the parish priest was blessing my head. I also received the blessings of all 5 priests and at that moment I did not even realize it. I know it is God reassuring me that even though God does not directly appear to us, He blesses us, He guides us and guards us through the best of His children. I bow my head with respect and honor to God for loving me so much, for blessing me. I see the presence of God in the holy and pious priest Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen and the four priests. I see the presence of God in Honorable Congressman Chris Smith and his staff and the people in authority in United States and India, who are helping me be reunited with you. I see the presence of God in the Plainsboro Police, who worked so hard in investigating our case. I see the presence of God in all of God's children who are praying for you both to be reunited with me. I see the presence of God in the love displayed by my family and my friends. I have always seen the presence of God in my loving parents, God's very first gifts to me.

When I met Reverend Father Xavier Khan Vattayil Achen on the last day of the conference, I requested him to pray for you both, my precious children, and that my precious children and me be reunited. He said he will pray and that God will bless you both and me.

Seeing the picture reassures me and makes me believe nothing happens without the knowledge of God. I feel assured that I am safe in the hands of God, which increases my faith and trust that God will surely bestow justice and reunite you both and me.

Isaiah 26:3-4
You, Lord, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you.
Trust in the Lord forever; he will always protect us.

Isaiah 26:7-8
Lord, you make the path smooth for good people; the road they travel is level. We follow your will and put our hope in you; you are all that we desire.

Isaiah 26:12
You will give us prosperity, Lordeverything that we achieve is the result of what you do.

Sunday's bible reading celebrating the Baptism of the Lord.
Luke 3:21-22
After all the people had been baptized and Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”

May God be in you and with you.
We love you, our dearest Heavenly Father and our wonderful awesome God.

May God bless you. Your mommy's blessings are with you always.

Your mommy loves you and sends her pure love, warm hugs and sweet kisses to you.

With lots of love, prayers and blessings,
Your loving mommy,
Bindu Philips