Thursday, December 26, 2013

Your amma seeks the help from Congress at Capitol Hill to be reunited with her precious sons.

Dearest Alfred and Albert,

Your amma longs to be reunited with you. I never knew when SJ said he was taking us to India on his premeditated Christmas vacation, he would completely turn my life into a living nightmare. Just like Joseph in the Old Testament, I was abandoned by my own family member and separated from my very own children. God is just and good, he gave me good children, good parents, good  friends, good relatives and good people in authority who are all helping me in my endeavors to be reunited with you, my precious children.

Honorable Congressman Chris Smith, the champion for the cause of International Parental Child Abduction, on the cover page of "The Trentonian" on Dec 24, 2013.

The Trentonian news article regarding your amma seeking help from Congress to be reunited with you.

Click here to view The Trentonian news article.

Your amma loves you very much and misses both of you.

May God bless my precious sons.

With lots of love and prayers.
Your loving amma,